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We Understand Staffing And The Unique Pre-Employment Hiring Requirements

The staffing industry has its own unique sets of concerns associated with the need for rapid placements and the threat of lawsuits resulting from staffing dangerous or legally barred individuals. Additionally, to protect against reputational and financial risk, many staffing companies are starting to screen candidates before placement, performing due diligence and thereby increasing their value to their clients.

Employee Relations helps staffing companies get the information needed to help identify quality candidates and comply with Federal, State and Industry regulations. We recommend taking a cost-saving staged approach to your screening program. By using Social Security Verification, you can save money by quickly identifying applicants who will not pass the background check process due to identity theft or fraudulent use of a Social Security Number. A second step might include a more comprehensive search and a third step can include E-Verify identifying an employee’s right to work in the United States.

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