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When an employee who has an issue but does not have a way to voice their concerns, we often see a simple situation turn into a major concern. Employee Relations has the solution to help you with it's industry specific Employee Hotline. Employee Hotline permits employees, in a non-threatening manner, to call a toll-free number available 24/7 and voice any workplace related concerns that they are not comfortable discussing directly with management. Upon receiving a call, an Incident Report is generated which articulates the caller's concern and reports the situation to senior management.

Over the years, the Hotline has been used to report all types of workplace related issues including co-worker misconduct, harassment, discrimination, theft and drug abuse. The Hotline is not intended to be a substitute for an employee to express a concern directly to management but rather the Hotline provides an additional, valuable communication tool to employees. Posters for your facilities and individual wallet cards for your employees are provided.

10 Reasons to Utilize Employee Relations' Hotline

Hotline is an "early-warning" service that:
  • May provide an affirmative defense against claims and lawsuits
  • Allows employees to report concerns and incidents before they become major problems
  • Helps management take action early, before problems become disasters
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