Ten Reasons to Use an Employee Hotline

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Over the years, The Employee Hotline has been used to report all types of workplace related issues including co-worker misconduct, theft, and drug abuse.

The Hotline is not intended to be a substitute for an employee to express a concern directly to management but rather the Employee Hotline provides an additional, early warning, communication tool to employees. Recently U.S. Supreme Court cases and EEOC guidelines make the Employee Hotline an extremely valuable component of the zero tolerance programs of employers.
  1. Punitive Damages have been Dismissed

    Superior courts have begun to throw out punitive damages in employment lawsuits when the employer has a third party hotline for the employee to use. Punitive damages are meant to punish the employer, and are not covered by insurance.

  2. Affirmative Defense

    If an employer has an Employee Hotline, and the employees do not avail themselves of it, the employer may have an affirmative defense against any employment harassment lawsuit.

  3. Insurance Discount May be Available

    Numerous insuance companies have reduced the premium for Employment Practices Liability Insurance coverage.

  4. Gives Employees Another Place to go to Report Concerns

    Nothing replaces an effective open-door policy, but in those instances where the employee, for whatever reason, does not feel comfortable going to his or her immediate supervisor, Employee Hotline is a proven alternative.

  5. Prevents Mole Hills from Turning into Mountains

    Most employee grievances, if handled early and resolved, go away by themselves. It is only when the employee feels that management isn’t listening or doesn’t seem to care, that small grievances grow into major issues.

  6. Employees Can Call Anonymously

    When employees know they can call anonymously to report inappropriate behavior, the employee often feels more comfortable doing so.

  7. Demonstrates Management’s Concern for Employee’s Well Being

    Whether an employee ever feels the need to call the Employee Hotline, having it is a clear demonstration by management of its concern for the employee’s well being.

  8. Serves as an Early Warning System by Giving Management a “Heads-Up”

    An Employee Hotline can give management a heads-up to what is going on in the business. Management cannot be in all places at all times and an Employee Hotline is a superior tool for management to find out what’s going on.

  9. Reinforces Zero Tolerance Policy

    Having an Employee Hotline reinforces management’s zero tolerance policies. Knowing that employees can call helps prevent unacceptable behaviors.

  10. Employee Calls are Handled with Discretion

    When an employee calls the Employee Hotline, no advice or coaching is offered to the caller, but instead probing questions result in an accurate and timely Incident Report being provided to management.
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